SPECapc® for Pro/ENGINEER 2000i2

The SPECapc® for Pro/ENGINEER 2000i2 concentrates on the graphics-intensive aspects of the popular solids modeling software. Developed by the SPECapc committee and Parametric Technology Corp., developer of the Pro/ENGINEER application, the benchmark is designed to reflect user experiences in dealing with large models and a typical range of graphics operations within the application.

The benchmark was released on December 20, 2000.

The model used in the benchmark is a realistic rendering of a complete photocopy machine consisting of approximately 370,000 polygons.

The benchmark comprises 17 tests. Startup and initialization time is measured, but given no weight (0.0) within the composite score for the benchmark. There are 16 graphics tests, each of which measures a different rendering mode or features. The first three graphics tests measure wireframe performance using the entire model. The next four measure different aspects of shaded performance, using the same model. Each of these tests executes exactly the same sequence of 3D transformations to provide a direct comparison of different rendering modes. The next four tests use a subassembly, and compare the two FASTHLR modes, the default shading mode, and shaded with edges. These tests also execute a common sequence of 3D transformations. The last five graphics tests use two different instances of the model – the first three without its outer skins (to illustrate the effect of FASTHLR and level-of-detail operations), and the last two to illustrate complex lighting modes and surface curvature display. The last test is an aggregate of all time not accounted for by the previous 16 tests, and is a mix of CPU and graphics operations.

Scores are generated for all 17 tests. Composite numbers are provided for each set of graphics tests (shaded, sub-assembly, wireframe and other) and there is an overall composite score for graphics and CPU operations. Start-up and initiation time is not included in the composite score.

Users must have a 3D graphics display device recognized by Pro/ENGINEER in order to run the benchmark. A fully licensed, released version of Pro/ENGINEER is required. If a floating license is used, the workstation’s network must be configured as documented in the Pro/ENGINEER installation guide.

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