Each year, SPEC recognizes members for their outstanding contributions.

2022 SPEC Contributor Award Winner for Technical Leadership

Allen Jensen, SPECapc for Solidworks

When it comes to developing application-specific benchmarks, maintaining a strong relationship with the vendor is extremely beneficial because the vendor can provide vital subject-matter expertise, development support and troubleshooting. In working on Solidworks benchmarks, Allen Jensen has established and maintained a collaborative synergy with Dassault Systems that has been key to a faster pace of development and higher quality benchmarks. Allen ensures that the benchmark is performing correctly and delivering an accurate measurement without taking any artificial shortcuts. This is a vital task to ensuring SPEC upholds its mission of delivering fair, trusted benchmarks.

2022 SPEC Contributor Award Winner for Technical Contribution

Jonathan Konieczy, SPECviewperf 2020

Jonathan Konieczy has consistently provided the Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (GWPG) with strong and valuable technical experise in graphics. In 2021, with SPECviewperf 2020 v2 and v3, he resolved issues with the Solidworks viewset to allow a quick turnaround and customer update. A 20+ year veteran of the graphics industry, Jonathan always sparks important discussions about key considerations and goes the extra mile to make sure GWPG is making smart choices about the benchmarks it develops.

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