Ashley Cowart, GWPG Chair

As chair of GWPG, Ashley’s overriding goals are to get GWPG benchmarks into as many hands as possible, and increase membership and member participation. To do this, she plans to expand the group’s focus on marketing, including getting more articles published and updating the group’s website. In 2010, Ashley became a SPEC representative for AMD, where she manages the data center GPU performance team. In previous roles at AMD, she focused on workstation application performance for nearly 15 years. At SPEC, Ashley has been involved in developing the SPECapc for Solidworks and SPECapc for Creo benchmarks, as well as the major SPECviewperf 12 update. Now, as the GWPG chair, she leverages that experience to help her manage the complex process of getting competitors and partners to work productively together toward a common goal.

Trey Morton, SPECapc Chair

As the chair of the SPECapc Committee, Trey’s goals are to maintain a regular update cadence for SPECapc’s current benchmarks, explore additional applications that would benefit from a SPEC benchmark, and encourage more ISV involvement in SPEC. In 2011, he became the primary SPEC representative for Dell, where he is currently a performance engineer working on software performance and application optimization.

Trey is a member of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) and makes time through regular interaction with ISVs to better understand new developments and customer use-cases within the industry and academia.

Ross Cunniff, SPECgpc Chair

As the chair of the SPECgpc Committee, Ross’s goal is to ensure SPECgpc remains the go-to reference provider of synthetic graphic benchmarks based on actual application behavior by ensuring SPEC benchmarks continue to incorporate all the latest technologies. Ross has interacted in various ways with SPEC since its inception. In 2015, he became the primary SPEC representative for NVIDIA, where as a software engineering manager, he performs workstation performance-related tasks, including benchmark creation. Ross has also worked with the other GWPG committees, serving as secretary for two of them.

Ross is on the board of ML Commons, focusing on machine learning benchmarking and best practices, and served as a Fort Collins, Colo. City Council member for eight years, where among other activities, he helped push through an initiative to create a municipally-owned internet utility.

Anshu Arya, SPECwpc Chair

As chair of the SPECwpc Committee, Anshu is determined to make the next version of SPECworkstation easier to use and ensure it supports the latest advances in workstation-class hardware. He joined SPEC in 2018 to focus on SPECworkstation because he had started using the benchmark at AMD, where he is the technical lead for a software performance analysis team focused on ensuring that software runs fast on AMD’s latest CPUs. Since joining SPECwpc, Anshu has worked to ensure SPECworkstation is updated to support new products, including ensuring that the SPECworkstation 3.0.4 update offered expanded support for CPUs with more than 64 threads, so it would support modern workstation CPUs that go up to 128 threads. He has also focused on encouraging more participation from more companies as the fundamental way to make SPEC benchmarks even better and more trusted.

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