SPECapc® for Siemens NX 4

The SPECapc® for UGS NX 4 benchmark resulted from a collaborative effort among the automotive industry, UGS, and the SPECapc committee.

The benchmark was released on September 12, 2007.

The benchmark uses data-intensive models that were donated to SPEC/GWPG by the automotive industry. The model of the SUV auto body contains more than 33,000 display lists and the transmission model comprises 84,000 display lists. Two new models (model ship and submarine) and tests exercising new functionality in UGS NX 4 were provided by UGS to represent a broader range of dataset types and sizes.

Operations tested by the SPECapc for UGS NX 4 benchmark include loading parts, boolean operations on solids, rotations, zooms, pans, front and back clipping, modifying perspective parameters, full-view generation, and different edge modes. The benchmark records results for graphics, CPU and disk I/O operations, as well as a composite number for total system performance.

The total number of seconds to run each test is normalized based on a reference machine, in this case a system with a 2.4-GHz Intel Xeon, Intel 860 chipset running Windows XP SP2 with 2GB of PC800 ECC RDRAM, an NVIDIA QuadroFX 1000 graphics card, and a 40GB ATA/100 hard drive. The normalization process ensures a scoring system where a bigger score is better.

Users must have a 3D graphics display device recognized by UGS NX 4 in order to run the benchmark. A fully licensed, released version of UGS NX 4 is required. If a floating license is used, the workstation’s network must be configured as documented in the UGS NX installation guide.

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