SPECapc® for Solid Edge V12

The SPECapc® for Solid Edge V12 was developed by EDS PLM Solutions in cooperation with the SPECapc committee. It represents typical user operations that are valuable in evaluating the performance of systems running Solid Edge.

The benchmark was released on March 19, 2003.

The benchmark runs on Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and Windows XP. The benchmark increases the graphics and CPU workloads without requiring additional memory. EDS PLM Solutions nearly doubled the number of files in the well-head assembly model, and increased the triangle count from 1.3 to 3.8 million. The CPU tests now include a re-compute for a part with 500 features and a mass property calculation.

Four basic areas of performance are measured:

  • Graphics – measures commonly used commands in three modes: smooth shading, wireframe, and smooth shading with textures and reflections
  • File I/O – measures opening and saving the well-head assembly model using three different display configurations: all inactive, all active, and a combination of active, inactive and hidden parts
  • CPU – exercises real-time VHL representation and re computing an assembly
  • Workflow – represents a typical set of operations users will execute during the course of creating a project, such as real-time drawing view placement, in-place assembly activation, in-place part activation, modifying a model, and updating all the files due to the model change

EDS PLM Solutions considers all four portions of the benchmark to be equally important in evaluating performance using Solid Edge, so they have been given equal weightings when calculating the geometric mean. The reference system for computing the normalized ratio is a 1.50GHz Pentium 4 running Windows 2000 SP3 with 1GB of PC800 ECC RDRAM, an NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro graphics card, and a 20GB ATA/100 hard drive.

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