Help Improve Future Workstations!

If you have a complex graphics model or application workflow, you may be able to contribute to improving the design of future workstation hardware.


SPEC benchmarks, which measure how workstations handle application workflows, help workstation vendors improve their products. To provide relevant benchmark measurements, the benchmark must give the system sufficiently complex tasks to execute using the specific application. For example, we might measure how Autodesk's 3ds Max renders a highly detailed model of the earth.


However, there is no single model or workflow that reflects the needs of the diverse communities using professional applications today. This is where you come in.


Perhaps you have a complex model designed in 3ds Max that SPEC could use to measure system performance. If so, please consider sharing it with us. Perhaps you have expertise with a complex workflow that could be of interest to the larger user community. For example, what modes do you render with frequently, or what processes do you frequently repeat that challenge the processing power of your workstation?


Your contribution to SPEC, a non-profit corporation, will enable us to improve our benchmarks, which in turn may drive workstation performance improvements in future products. It’s a true win-win for users and workstation providers!


If you’d like to contribute a workflow or model, or have any questions, please visit We’d love your feedback.


For nearly 35 years, SPEC has helped improve each generation of high-performance computing solutions by developing standardized benchmarks. Here is your chance to be a part of that ongoing effort.



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