SPECgpc Releases Linux Edition of SPECviewperf 13 Benchmark

GAINESVILLE, Va., March 13, 2019 – The SPEC Graphics Performance Characterization Group (SPECgpc) has released a Linux Edition of its SPECviewperf 13 benchmark. SPECgpc members include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Nvidia.

The SPECviewperf 13 Linux Edition benchmark includes all the new features introduced in the Windows version last May, including new volume visualization viewsets for energy and medical applications, a redesigned GUI, improved scoring and reporting methods, and updated viewsets to support more recent versions of the applications on which they are based.

Reflecting real-world performance

SPECviewperf software measures the 3D graphics performance of systems running under industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs). The benchmark’s workloads, called viewsets, represent graphics content and behavior extracted from traces of professional applications.

Applications represented by viewsets in the SPECviewperf 13 Linux Edition benchmark include Maya for media and entertainment; Catia, Creo, NX and Solidworks for CAD/CAM; and two datasets representing professional energy and medical applications.

Major new features and upgrades in SPECviewperf 13 include:

  • Support for 4K resolution displays.
  • New reporting methods, including JSON output that enables more robust and flexible result parsing.
  • The new standard user interface being implemented across all SPEC/GWPG benchmarks.
  • New workloads and scoring that reflect the range of activities found in real-world applications.
  • Same rigor as Windows version

Traces for the SPECviewperf 13 Linux Edition were obtained from the Windows versions of the applications represented in the viewsets. While this means the viewsets are not fully representative of native applications running on Linux, they still contain the same model complexity and rendering modes that exercise software and hardware layers in similar ways.

"We think this is the most compelling benchmark for measuring workstation graphics performance in the Linux ecosystem, with the same rigor and attention to detail as the Windows version," says Ross Cunniff, SPECgpc chair.

Available for immediate download

The new SPECviewperf 13 Linux Edition benchmark is available for free downloading to everyone except vendors of computers and related products and services that are not members of the SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (SPEC/GWPG). Non-member computer product and service vendors can purchase the benchmark for $2,500. A SPECviewperf 13 license covers both Windows and Linux versions; current SPECviewperf 13 license holders can receive the Linux Edition free of charge.

Results from SPECviewperf 13 Linux Edition are comparable to those from the Windows version of SPECviewperf 13, but they should not be correlated to Linux application performance, since most of the applications represented by viewsets within SPECviewperf 13 do not run natively on Linux.

About SPEC

In its 30th year, SPEC is a non-profit organization that establishes, maintains and endorses standardized benchmarks and tools to evaluate performance for the newest generation of computing systems. Its membership comprises more than 120 leading computer hardware and software vendors, educational institutions, research organizations, and government agencies worldwide.


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